Your Best Practice Salesforce Partner

Multi-certified Professionals

With Developer and Consultant certifications, we have the technical skill and business experience to match your organisation’s evolving complexities

Strategic Partnerships

Maintaining detail-oriented partnerships with our clients, within and without of Project Phases, ensures considered solution design and informed decision-making for both parties across your implementation

Muti-sector Track Record

We’ve delivered successful, scalable Salesforce implementations with some of the fastest growing businesses in the North West. Both Product and Service-selling,¬†across Cyber Security, Training & Enablement, Research and Consultancy

Why Work with Us?

To effectively challenge more established competitors, you need to implement robust, reportable Sales and Marketing processes on Best Practice principles.

Our consultancy-led approach goes beyond system development best practice by helping to develop and refine best practice business process to deliver effective Customer Journeys for growth.

Too often, business processes are the product of workarounds in legacy systems rather than because they are the best way to do things.

Understanding your business process today, and the Customer Journey you aspire to, is key for us to develop solutions that deliver on the metrics you need, and will scale as your pipeline and footprint grows.

A Salesforce solution is only as good as the metrics it gives you. Whether it’s prospect engagement, pipeline deal actions, or lead qualification automation, you need to know what ‘good’ looks like.

Our projects put measurable results at the heart of each deliverable, ensuring you gain the metrics you need to refine process and maximise the potential of every touchpoint.

Fast-growing businesses evolve their processes just as rapidly as their pipeline as they Scale Up. Our solution design philosophy incorporates these growth needs, ensuring solutions can flex and scale to accommodate evolving processes.

Where possible, the power to manage those processes should rest with you – the administrator – not a developer.

Complex implementations need specialist support. Great implementations will evolve between project phases.

Our blended support packages give scope for new features and enhancements as well as the traditional break-fix support resolution.

With over 10 years’ experience working in close quarters with some of the fastest growing companies in the North West (in both consultant and internal manager roles), Talago’s team offers more than our list of certifications.

But don’t take our word for it, read what our clients have to say.

What our Clients Say

Michael and the team are second to none when it comes to Salesforce. Talago act like an extension of my team and fully understand our requirements, pain points and think outside the box to deliver solutions. I would highly recommend Talago in a heartbeat